AXIS eBound Book and e4473 Technology

The Most ATF Compliant Gun Store POS

Firearms management is at the heart of firearm retailers’ daily operations. Every process, product, and employee in a retailer’s shop is there in support of firearms sales and service. The handling of firearms requires adherence to strict ATF regulations, and should be the most controlled processes at any location with an FFL. Don’t leave your store’s livelihood to chance. Partner with Retail Technology Group to protect your investment.

e4473 technology

First and Only POS with ATF Approved Digital e4473 Storage

Robust Retail ATF Compliance Software

Designed and written by former ATF Investigators, Firearm Attorneys and FFL Compliance Professionals.

2016-1 Compliant

Electronic Bound Book

e4473 / eNICS

NFA and Transfers

Comply with ATF Rulings
2016-1, 2 and 3

✓ Developed with Inspections In Mind
✓ Secure and Compliant Backup
✓ Inspected Bound Book Format
✓ Complies with ATF Standards
✓ Changes with Evolving Rules

Bound Book

Simple eBound Book Recording

✓ Multiple eBound Book Friendly
✓ Internal Controls Limit Errors
✓ Barcode and Scan Firearms
✓ Conduct Serialized Inventories
✓ Easy Import and Export

Integrated e4473 and eNICS

✓ e4473 and Multiple Sales Reports
✓ e4473 Digital Signature
✓ e4473 eStorage (First of its kind)
✓ True eNICS Integration
✓ Customer Kiosk Mode

Special Notice

ATF Announced Proposed Changes to Form 4473

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eNICS Isn’t Always eNICS

Many POS companies use artificial ‘bots’ to post NICS submissions to the FBI’s website. That’s fraught with error and not well loved by the FBI. When their code changes….you’re “eNICS” breaks. Not at AXIS, we utilize proprietary XML technology, approved by the FBI to electronically submit direct to their database.

Process NFA, Imports, Exports and Transfers

✓ NFA Transfer Functions
✓ NFA Form Waiting Period
✓ In-Network Transfers
✓ Import Firearms For Sale
✓ Track New and Used Guns

Be ATF Inspection Ready

✓ Conduct Self-Inspections
✓ Bi-Directional Firearm Inventories
✓ Export Data in ATF Required Formats
✓ On-Call Inspection Assistance

Client Testimonials

We were looking for a complete software solution for our retail gun store. We chose Axis Retail Management as our POS because of the electronic 4473 forms, A&D book, inventory management, and the  integration with our accounting software. In the 2.5 years that we have been using Axis we have been able to significantly increase our sales volume without increasing staff or man hours. 

Eric Soderblom – Owner – Ruff’s Sporting Goods

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