The Firearms Industry Is Moving to AXIS

The Only POS Dedicated to Shooting Sports

AXIS FirearmsTM is an NSSF Alliance Member Partner. Along-side its division company partner, Gearfire, it maintains the only exclusive endorsement of the NRA Business Alliance Team.

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#1 Gun Store and Range POS 

✓ 66% of NSSF 5 Star Ranges
✓ Over 2,000 Shooting Sports Retailers
✓ $3 Billion+ In Retail Transactions
✓ ATF Compliant eBound & e4473
✓ First and Only e4473 Digital Storage

Efficient and Compliant Gun Sales Starting at $259 / mo

✓ Built Specifically for Shooting Sports Retail
✓ Complete Functionality In One Application
✓ Streamline ATF Transactions and NFA Forms
✓ 30 Years of Dedicated Experience – No Comparison
✓ Integration with Gearfire Provides Endless Aisle

Retail Management System

Dive In and Explore Our Robust Gun Store POS and Range Applications

Range Management
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No More Paper 4473s!

AXIS FirearmsTM is the first and only Point of Sale with ATF approved “digital storage” of 4473? Yup – no more paper!


We’ve been a user of the AXIS retail Point of Sale software for 1 year. The inventory management, easy to use Register function, reporting capabilities, accounting integration, 4473 , and gunsmithing functionalities have made it easier for us to conduct business as a firearms retailer. 

Jason Baum, Operations Manager, Nardis Gun Club, NSSF 5 Star Range

Includes All Core AXIS POS Applications

AXIS FirearmsTM comes standard with the award winning features of our AXIS POS platform. Manage your register, accounting, quickbooks reporting, inventory and multi-store reporting all from the same unit. Enjoy AXIS FirearmsTM on the low-profile AXIS All-In-OneTM unit or on custom hardware.


✓ POS and Register
✓ Product and Image Search
✓ Sales, Returns and Exchanges
✓ Digital eMail Receipts
✓ Merchant Processing

ATF 4473 eStorage

Done Right

✓ Vendor Catalogues
✓ Automatic Replenishments
✓ Live Product Feeds
✓ Layaways and Special Orders
✓ Barcode, Label and Scan

AXIS pos

In Your Hand

✓ Single and Multi-Store
✓ Centralized Reports
✓ Inventory and Sales
✓ Customer Activity
✓ On the Go


✓ Accurate Financials
✓ Quickbooks Integration
✓ GL / Accounting Reports
✓ Accounts Payable
✓ Accounts Receivable

12+ Live Firearm Distributors and AutoOrder Included