Say Goodbye to Paper 4473s


Introducing the First ATF 4473
eStorage Approved for a Retail POS

Brought to You By AXIS Point of Sale

AXIS eStorage Includes
  • An integrated electronic bound book and e4473 application

  • eSignature to simplify interactions with customers

  • eStorage of the completed e4473 forms

  • And, an ability to post and track corrections

atf 4473 - goodbye to paper 4473s

ATF Variance Developed by the Experts at Retail Technology Group

No More Paper – No More Printer Cartridges

No More Cartons of PAPER 4473s Collecting Dust for 20 Years!


Our Experts will Help You File the ATF Variance
Prior to Technology Implementation 


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Over 2,000

$3 Billion

14+ Inventory

30 Years of

66% NSSF
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