Protect Your Federal Firearms License

AXIS Retailers Are Supported by Orchid Advisors and FFL Law

Complying with firearm laws and regulations while managing employees and running a gun shop isn’t an easy thing to do. That’s why we’ve developed an exclusive partnership with FFL Law. FFL Law is the only resource that is partnered with any (or all) of the four major firearm industry associations. With over 100 years of combined experience, their team includes former industry attorneys, former ATF investigators, and FFL compliance officers. The Retail Technology Group and FFL Law are dedicated to gun dealer and shooting range compliance, and have arranged for discounted access to the industry’s best regulatory compliance program.

Legal Services and Defense Fund Option

Partnered with NSSF and the Munitions Law Group, FFL Law’s clients have access to an unlimited defense fund that protects retailers against unexpected issues and ATF-related legal issues.

On-site During ATF Inspections

Staffed with former investigators, we know the ATF inspection inside and out. We’ll guide you through every step of the process, beginning with ATF requests for 4473 and Bound Book records, through on-site inventory and closing conferences.

On-Call Support and Recurring Audits

Got a question? Participating FFLs get unlimited time with our ATF experts to help with licensing, forms, inspections, electronic bound books, inventory and more. And to help you stay compliant, we offer recurring year ATF Mock Inspections.

Effective FFL Compliance

Our FFL Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) map the legal and regulatory requirements to your business process. This increases the likelihood that employees will keep your FFL compliant.

ATF Training and Tools

Our training was designed and delivered by former ATF investigators, former attorneys and FFLs just like you. We provide both on-site and online training, including access to the Firearms Compliance University – Over 100 online courses and quizzes available to train retail staff beginning Day 1.

SOT and NFA Forms

Getting an SOT is a requirement for those who wish to sell Suppressors and other NFA-type firearms. We’ll guide you through the application process, train your employees on the world of NFA regulations and help you create compliant NFA forms.

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Get Protected – Your FFL is Your Lifeblood

It all starts with a simple email or a phone call. During our first no-cost discussion we will understand your timeline and business objectives, and recommend next steps.