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#1 Retail POS for Gun Stores and Ranges

Sporting goods retailers rely on real-time inventories, an efficient use of labor, compliance, and an ability to serve customers in-store, online and at the range. Many retailers struggle to achieve these objectives due to reliance on manual processes and outdated software. Yet, they hesitate to implement modern technology because of fear, complicated installs and cumbersome software.

Unique to our business is a focus on your customer experience, deploying a team of deeply skilled experts who specialize in shooting sports retail, simplifying implementation and delivering best-in-class software.

AXIS the Best POS

Single and Multi-Store Performance

Spragues Sports logo - AXIS Client Testimonials

“I met with the owners of RTG and Gearfire and talked on many occasions about the shooting sports industry. These organizations are very engaged, committed and responsive to the growth and partnerships of the independent dealer. They are poised with the right components, personnel and direction to be supremely successful in this industry and beyond. I believe the best is yet to come…”

Richard Sprague, Owner, Sprague’s Sports LLC and NSSF Board Member

Dedicated to Your Customer Experience

We don’t just sell software – we invest in your future.

Customer Experience is our #1 objective, beginning with a simplified implementation process.

Rather than focusing on the software alone, we work directly with your employees to ensure transactions are controlled and scalable to achieve modern consumer shopping expectations.

Unmatched Industry Expertise

We’ve focused on the shooting sports industry for over 30 years.

From development through support, every aspect of our model is tailored to the unique needs of a shooting sports retail operation. That means we won’t be struggling to learn your lingo, understand your e4473 and NFA forms, or assume your vendor inventory challenges. We know what it’s like to manage retail operations in this industry – tight margins, unique supply chain and emotionally driven shoppers. That experience will pay dividends during your implementation.

Great Software

Our software is designed with one thing in mind – to advance your business into the modern shopping era.

Accessible in-store or in the cloud, we’ve simplified your access to  Vendor Inventory Replenishment, CRM, Accounting, ATF Compliance, Range Management, Customer Membership and eCommerce. All of these applications are fully integrated, giving you full control of your Shooting Sports retail POS software.