Range Management – Online and In-Store

Reduce Check-In Wait Times and Eliminate Manual Gun Shooting Range Processes

AXIS Range is a suite of solutions designed to address the many challenges of operating a shooting range. In many shooting ranges, check-in process is the most time-consuming and frustrating part of the range experience. Membership validation, paper liability forms, and ineffective lane assignment methods can contribute to long lines – and long waits – at the counter.

Plug and Play AXIS and Online Customer Reservations

Increase store reach to a broader customer base by extending value-added in-store services to online customers. The application interface inserts directly into your existing web page and provides the means to view and enroll in many in-store services; including membership registration, range lane reservation, and class enrollment. Accessible from any internet connected device, the functionality of the RangeWorks application will engage customers anytime – from anywhere – when they visit the store’s web site.

Class and Course Enrollment
Membership Subscriptions
Range Reservations
Credit Card Processing

Range Membership Services

Configure multiple membership offerings to accommodate benefit incentives and pricing structures.

✓ Annual pricing or recurring monthly billing.
✓ Product, class, and range time discounts
✓ Renewal email notifications

Power Weapons and Gear Range logo - Client Testamonials

Axis gives you the control for running a large retail store, gun range, classes, gunsmithing and much more all rolled into one easy-to-use platform. After operating our range for 2 years with Axis, it was a no brainer to move our entire facility to RTG’s platform. Since then we haven’t looked back once or second guessed ourselves.

Brandon Abell, General Manager, Lotus Gunworks of South Florida 

Rental Firearm Handling

Manage and track use of rental fleet

✓ Quickly and easily assign rental to customer at check-in.
✓ Track and report on rental statistics; including rounds and usage.
✓ Visual indicators notify staff of firearm possession at check-out.

Shooting Range Software

Shooting Lane Management

Move shooters from queue through check-out with an intuitive interface

✓ Reservation scheduling
✓ Define session duration and overage fees
✓ Allows for multiple shooters on a single lane

Class and Course Administration

Define, manage, and sell education services

✓ Define maximum participant limit of class
✓ Track roster check-ins
✓ System generated email reminds enrollee of upcoming class

Shooting Range Software

Online waiver solution to manage your signed waivers and customer data.

A digital waiver that can be signed at your location or online from any computer, tablet or mobile device. Smartwaiver.com is seamlessly integrated with AXIS, so once signed, the electronic waiver is stored in Smartwaiver’s secure, online storage system and is retrievable from the AXIS POS, eliminating the need to ever print, file and archive paper waivers ever again.

Waiver Customization

Use the Waiver Editor to customize your Smartwaiver with your brand’s colors, logos, and fonts. Multiple initial and signature boxes may be added in the body of your waiver. Add a safety or instructional video to the digital waiver signing process.

AXIS Intergration

Seamless integration allows signed digital Smartwaivers to be attached to an existing customer record or generate a new AXIS entry. Once attached, the signed waiver respects AXIS expiration dates and is easily retrievable.

Web-based Application

Add a link to emails or custom waiver widgets to your website so customers can sign your waiver directly from your site before they arrive. A web-capable tablet may be used as a ‘Kiosk’ at the store for shooters enrolling in-store.

Digital Storage

All signed Smartwaivers and participant information are stored in our secure online database where you can easily search for and find a waiver in seconds.

Liability Waiver Controls

Track waiver status and set expiration period.

✓ Set duration of time waiver will be valid.
✓ Track paper waivers or interface to Smartwaiver.com
✓ Safeguards to validate waiver on file before allowing lane assignment

Gun Range & Retail Firearm Consulting Services

Retail Technology Group Point of Impact

In today’s economic climate, it is essential to reduce overall costs, minimize risks and execute on-time range and firearm retail projects that are designed to achieve sustainable results —Point of Impact’s firearm retail and range solutions can help you meet your goals. No matter how complex your questions, we have the capabilities and deep firearms industry experience to deliver the answers you need to create and operate a successful range and firearm retail business. As a multi-disciplinary group, we take a team approach to help you determine the ideal plan for your business.

Our full range of services help range and firearm retail owners avoid pitfalls, save money and become more profitable. With over 65 years of combined experience, our firearm retail and range consultants are the trusted advisors that can guide you through even the most complex business situations.

Facility Design & Management

Business Planning

Inventory Management

Coaching / Training

Revenue Growth

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