AutoOrderTM and Inventory Management

Manage Vendors, Inventory and Automatically Replenish Stock

Single and multi-store retail operators can modernize their Vendor and Inventory Management with pre-loaded Vendor Catalogues, Product Attributes and Images. Ensure the right products are ordered – at the right time – in the right quantities through AutoOrderTM Inventory Replenishment. The AXIS Point of Sale family offers an endless aisle of inventory served from over 10 major Distributors.

Inventory Management

Don’t Let Inventory Take Control Of You

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AXIS Simplifies Buying, Receiving and Inventory Management

Pre-Load Your POS with Vendor Catalogues

✓ Over 100,000 UPCs available with images
✓ Select your top selling products and list online
✓ Catalogues updated monthly with ease
✓ Integration with Gearfire provides endless aisle

Barcode and Scan Serialized Inventories

✓ Track UPCs and firearm serial numbers
✓ Enter directly to Your ATF eBound Book
✓ Generate product barcode labels
✓ Scan product barcodes for easy inventory control
✓ Scan barcodes at checkout to speed transactions

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Retail Inventory Management Program

Dedicated to Improving Firearm Retail Operations

Lead by a 30-year Retail Shooting Sports expert with a focus on reducing operating costs, increasing inventory turns, and greater product availability.


✓ Product categorization
✓ Developing consistent, consumer-facing product descriptions
✓ Optimizing inventory min/max replenishment levels
✓ Helping retailers improve operations with the AXIS Point of Sale system


Designed for:

✓ New retailers who want to start with clean data
✓ Existing retailers looking to convert POS systems
✓ Existing retailers who want to increase sales with decreasing operating costs

We’ve been using the AXIS management software for over a year now and have found it to be pin point focused for managing our inventory, ordering, and reporting, and also extremely efficient at the point of sale.

James Dean, Owner, Norton Sporting Goods

Automatically Replenish Stock

✓ Use AXIS AutoOrderTM to reduce inventory management labor
✓ Set inventory min / max levels and AXIS will re-order
✓ Set ordering preferences by one or more vendors
✓ Reconcile product receipts against purchase orders

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14 Available Vendors

Access the largest network of participating distributors available for auto replenishment

Time Savings

Recapture time lost to the laborious tasks of manually monitoring and sourcing inventory.

Increased Turns

Ordering more frequently allows for smaller on-hand quantities, reducing aged inventory, while maintaining the same sell-through rate.

Electronic Catalogs

Access to every participating vendor’s catalog ensures your system has the most up-to-date information, such as unique part numbers and product costs.

Eliminate Stockouts

AXIS AutoOrder™ never sleeps and is always on duty, ensuring pegs are never empty.

Reduced Overstocks

Allowing automation to order smaller quantities, at a higher ordering frequency, will significantly reduce overstocks and aged inventory.

Increased Cash Flow

By implementing a ‘just-in-time’ inventory management method, cost of goods is driven down and inventory turns improve; increasing available funds.

Improved Data Accuracy

Streamlining business practices and retail operations positively improves data integrity and impacts reporting accuracy.

How Do I Get AXIS AutoOrderTM?

It all starts with a simple email or a phone call. During our first no-cost discussion we will understand your timeline and business objectives, and recommend next steps.