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I recently met with the owners of RTG (AXIS / V6) and Gearfire. We have talked on many occasions about the shooting sports industry, both in person and long distance. Their organization is very engaged, committed and responsive to the growth and partnerships of the strong independent dealer. It is my feeling that RTG and Gearfire are poised with the right components, personnel and direction to be supremely successful in this industry and beyond. I believe the best is yet to come… Richard Sprague, Owner, Sprague’s Sports LLC and NSSF Board Member

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As one of the first users of AXIS, we have watched it grow over the past 5 years along with the needs of our business.  AXIS has evolved from a software product to a solution package as it now is integrated into every sales channel within our business. The integration of AXIS has been critical to our success thus far. John Phillips, Owner, PWG Range

The RTG software/AXIS is a great tool for any FFL business, and is user-friendly so you don’t have massive amounts of time training your employees to run it.  The staff there is excellent and are always able to help when I need it in a timely fashion. When the auto order feature is working with more vendors, you will find yourself with much more time to get other jobs done versus chasing that last little thing that you are out of stock on to reorder. Kemlin Hart, Owner, Hart Brothers South

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Axis gives you the control for running a large retail store, gun range, classes, gunsmithing and much more all rolled into one easy-to-use platform. After operating our range for 2 years with Axis, it was a no-brainer to move our entire facility to RTG’s platform. Since then we haven’t looked back once or second guessed ourselves. Brandon Abell, General Manager, Lotus Gunworks of South Florida 

I have been using POS software for 10 years and recently converted to AXIS POS software. The ease of use and functionality are nothing less than spectacular. The training and support staff are some of the best that are very knowledgeable. Great software. Great People. Great support! Rich Stoner, Owner, S&S Sport Shop 

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Family Armory & Indoor Range

We have been using the AXIS management system since we opened our indoor gun range back in November of 2015. The analysis of historical transaction records has helped me to anticipate the peaks and valleys of business throughout the year, and to plan accordingly. Tony Grijalva, Owner, Family Armory & Indoor Range 

We have been using Axis for 5 years. We use it for point of sale, range, inventory, and bound book needs. It’s easy, extremely user-friendly and we could not function without it. Axis’ support team has always been available for any questions or training we need. We look forward to working with them in the future. Julie Peters, Owner, RKA Gun Gallery

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We have been working closely with RTG since their development. As a previous ARS v6 customer for 15+ years, we were excited to upgrade to AXIS when it was available. The RTG team did a great job of helping us through the conversion, now a little over 1 1/2 years ago. Since the conversion, they have been very responsive to our issues and willing to consider our modification suggestion. Although today the AXIS program isn’t perfect, we feel it is superior to the existing competition and will be even better once the pending enhancements are completed. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new or different software program to seriously consider AXIS. Rex Gore, President & CEO, Black Wing Shooting Center

There are so many helpful functions it’s hard to only pick two. We love the ability to do gunsmithing, special orders, layaways and firearm purchase and have it transfer over from the data side to the register side automatically. PLUS, the ability to run all the reports we need to successfully operate our business. Mark Teske, Manager, Lakes Trading Company

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Rapid Fire Arms

We have been using AXIS since 2014. AXIS allowed us to focus more on our customers and less on all the ordering and inventory management that began to take up most of our day. It has been an instrumental part of our growth and we could not operate as efficiently without it. Brian Coleman, Owner, Rapid Fire Arms

Having successfully utilized AXIS in our current club, we are now implementing the system at our newest location. Kevin Vick, COO, Stock and Barrel Gun Club

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We’ve been a user of the AXIS retail Point of Sale software for 1 year. The inventory management, easy-to-use Register function, reporting capabilities, accounting integration, 4473 , and gunsmithing functionality has made it easier for us to conduct business as a firearms retailer. Jason Baum, Operations Manager, Nardis Gun Club, NSSF 5 Star Range

I can’t be happier with RTG and the Axis program I use at Tactical Advantage. The Axis program has been very import to my retail and indoor shooting range business over the past four years. The RTG team is very responsive to any needs or questions I have had over the years. Jason Falconer, Owner, Tactical Advantage

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We’ve been using the AXIS management software for over a year now and have found it to be pinpoint focused for managing our inventory, ordering, and reporting, and also extremely efficient at the point of sale. James Dean, Owner, Norton Sporting Goods

I have been with RTG & AXIS Retail Point Of Sale for almost 3 years, the inventory management part is great; the assistance we get from the RTG staff is always above and beyond. This is a must-have for any indoor range and firearms retailer.Dan Marcon, Owner, Marc-On Shooting

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Shooting Range Software

RTG has always provided excellent customer service. The software has helped our stores operate more efficiently, making our jobs easier and a better experience for our customers. Kennan Sanders, General Manager, Nashville Armory, NSSF 5 Star Range

We have been using AXIS for 6 years and are very pleased. The system is very user-friendly and the multi-store functionality makes it easy to manage multiple locations! John Traupman, General Mgr, Eagle Gun Range

Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

We were looking for a complete software solution for our retail gun store. We chose Axis Retail Management as our POS because of the electronic 4473 forms, A&D book, inventory management, and the  integration with our accounting software. In the 2.5 years that we have been using Axis we have been able to significantly increase our sales volume without increasing staff or man hours. Eric Soderblom – Owner – Ruff’s Sporting Goods

I was very deliberate in picking a POS vendor before opening my in-door range and retail gun store. I was involved in developing POS systems in a different industry for almost 20 years. What AXIS delivers is the result of a mature product that occurs from years and years of listening to their customers to create an exceptional, mature and forward looking product that makes doing business easier. Kerry Cox, Co-owner, Range 54.

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