Integrated POS and eCommerce Software
To Operate Your Entire Retail Business

#1 in Gun Stores, Ranges and Fishing 

AXIS AutoOrderTM Simplifies Vendor,
In-Store and Online Inventories

✓ Automatically Replenish with AXIS AutoOrderTM Min / Max Triggers
✓ Vendor Catalogues, Descriptions and Images
✓ Endless Aisle 12+ Live Distributor Feeds
✓ Manage Special Customer Orders
✓ Drop Ship Direct To Consumer Locations
✓ Serialized Barcoding and Hand-held Scanning

It’s Power, Simplicity and Low Cost Make AXIS #1 Amongst Retailers

2,000+ Retail Customers

$3b Retail Transactions

12+ Inventory Feeds

30 Years Experience

66% NSSF 5-Star Ranges

AXIS All-in-OneTM,
Essentials and Performance POS

Chosen By Single and Multi-Store Operators

Convert To AXIS and Get Low Monthly Payments

AXIS is priced affordably with every budget in mind. Single-store operators rely on AXIS All-In-OneTM, loaded with the AXIS Essentials POS package. Larger, multi-store retailers and ranges can opt for AXIS Performance POS or a customized retail and range application.

✓ Aggressively Priced with Competitor Conversion Specials
✓ Low, Monthly Payments with Zero Down Payments
✓ Pricing Includes Software, Hardware, Maintenance and Installation
✓ Zero Interest Options Available

See AXIS In Action

Create Single and Multi-Store
Retail Reports On-the-Go

✓ Powered by AXIS RetailBITM Platform
✓ Cloud-based Reporting on Your POS, Tablet or Smartphone
✓ Monitor Counter and eCommerce Sales Transactions
✓ Check Inventory Stock Levels Between Stores
✓ Create Simple, Dynamic Reporting Dashboards

See RetailBITM In Action

Track Industry Firearm Sales Trends

✓ Powered by AXIS RetailBITM Platform
✓ Designed for Manufacturers, Retailers and Associations
✓ 2,000+ In-store and Online Retailers Reporting Activity
✓ Largest Industry Platform Available
✓ 10+ Dynamic Reporting Options or Bulk File Analysis
✓ Firearms, Ammo, Accessories, Magazines, Knives, Optics

Master POS Transactions, Customers,
eCommerce and Accounting with AXIS

Master in-store transactions with the fastest POS register. Report on sales performance with dynamic reports and a simple Quickbooks integration. Grow your retail sales as a modern omni-channel retailer with plug-and-play AXIS integrations. We bring your business into the digital age.

✓ Offer an Endless Aisle with 12+ Live Gearfire Distributor Feeds
✓ Synchronize Online and In-store Products
✓ Integrate with Leading eCommerce Sites
✓ Sell Through a Counter POS or Customer Kiosk
✓ Set Prices, Promote and Drive Through Customer Loyalty
✓ Manage Special Customer Orders and Drop Ship to Customer Locations
✓ Account for Your Entire Business with Simple, Dynamic Reports

AXIS Provides Retailers with Powerful CRM, Loyalty and Membership Capabilities

Rely on AXIS to Manage A Compliant Gun Store and Range

✓ Exclusive Endorsement from NRA Business Alliance
✓ NSSF Alliance Partner and Association Member
✓ Compliant ATF eBound Book, eNICS, e4473 and More
✓ NFA, GunSmithing, Work Orders and Layaways
✓ Online Range Reservation and Memberships

Process Firearm Transactions

✓ Uniquely Firearm Friendly Merchant Processor
✓ Over 2,000+ Shooting Sports Retailers Rely On Us
✓ Accept Payments Online, In-Store or On Smartphone
✓ Integrated Hardware and Bank Connectivity


No More Paper 4473s!

AXIS FirearmsTM is the first and only Point of Sale with ATF approved “digital storage” of 4473? Yup – no more paper!

Broaden Your AXIS Knowledge With Our Online Video Training Library

AXIS Academy is a video training library created specifically for AXIS users. It contains hours of useful training material, available 24/7. The video library was carefully designed to help users easily learn the “ins-and-outs” of AXIS Point of Sale.

Free Unlimited Users, Unlimited Access

All AXIS customers have unlimited employee access to the Academy and may enroll on the login page. Three separate tracks with approximately 30 training videos is available to master the features and functions of AXIS.

  • Easy access to all courses from the Academy dashboard
  • Keep track of progress with a single click
  • Videos available 24/7/365
  • Updated Frequently